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The 1st International Pelvic Floor Post-IUGA Congress in Brazil: a major success

The  1ste International Pelvic Floor Post-IUGA Congress, held from 7 to 9 March 2013 in Curitiba, Brazil, organized by abafi-HOLLAND and Inspirar Faculty, supported  by  the Brazilian Association of Pelvic Physical Therapy (ABFP) and the Brazilian Association of Women  Health (ABRAFISM) was a major success.

- More than 350  Brazilian pelvic physiotherapist did participate and several pelvic physiotherapists from all over South America, especially from Chile and Colombia attended the meeting.

- Abafi-HOLLAND and INSPIRAR FACULTY supported also 50 young physiotherapists by offering the subscription fee empowering their knowledge and skills about pelvic physiotherapy. 

- The IUGA  was represented by the IUGA Special Task Force Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation  ambassadors dr. MAURA SELEME (BRAZIL),  LOIC DABBADIE (FRANCE) AND MIKEL AMOSTEGUI (SPAIN). Besides these international speakers dr. BARY BERGHMANS, president of the IUGA Special Task Force  Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation was invited as guest speaker.

- Coordinated by dr. Maura Seleme, chairperson of the congress, various statements and proposals for guidelines were presented and discussed  with a team of pelvic physiotherapists and medical doctors, specialized in the field.  

The vivid discussions provided great opportunities to work together also for helping poor people with pelvic floor dysfunctions.

Dr, Bary Berghmans presented protocols and guidelines of conservative treatments, based on evidence, and stimulated participation of pelvic physiotherapists to submit scientific work to the IUGA annual meetings and to attend these meetings. He provided tools how to submit and present these kinds of work to the IUGA community.

Also he announced an international course on methodology and epidemiology, relevant for the pelvic floor, for Brazilian pelvic physiotherapists in Maastricht University in Maastricht, The Netherlands, to be held in August 2013 from the 11th to the 19th. In this certified and accredited course Maastricht University, Inspirar Faculty and abafi-HOLLAND will collaborate in the organization and execution.

Prof.dr. Paulo Palma of the University of Campinas, Brazil, where also dr. Bary Berghmans  acts as official visiting professor has proclaimed that it is of utmost importance to participate in such courses in order to be able to develop scientific projects, to become a master of science, or post doc student. The high quality education, guaranteed by the cooperation between the Dutch and Brazilian universities, will be the base for mutual scientific projects.

Dr. Bary Berghmans also spook about the support the IUGA The Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Special Interest Group will provide to those professionals who want to submit abstracts for the next IUGA meeting in Dublin, Ireland, and – in case of acceptance – the training in presenting at this meeting to empower the potentials of conservative treatment and to adequately participate in the scientific forum of the multidisciplinary IUGA membership.

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